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Wellness & Learning Oasis

We help you protect your energy & navigate emotions at home, in business & in the workplace.

We specialize in energy work and healing for empathic individuals, entrepreneurs, leaders and essential workers.


Positive Life Haven is a sacred space that nurtures energy, feelings & emotions. You return back to your family, business or career feeling better than you came; and with strategies to sustain the shift. 


We also extend an online metaphysical boutique offering a variety of high quality essentials for mental, emotional and spiritual support such as healing stones, sage, palo Santo and incense 

Our vision is to be a global influencer of intentional thought, feeling and action resulting in an authentic, abundant, fulfilling and happy human experience. 

Our intention is simple: to connect, to teach and to heal.

Our commitment to cultivate love, light, and longevity for the Highest Good of All is extended throughout our high quality products, services, and offerings. 

 The Haven is fully stocked with over 50 different varieties of incense to choose from.


We strive to offer genuine hand crafted Indian Incense in a variety of fragrances which blend with every culture and tradition. Our incense are made from select woods, resins, florals and fine essential oils and are blended skillfully with expert care and love. Most importantly the incense we offer are hand made according to ancient traditions.

Create an ambiance of calm, peace and relaxation. Purify your space, smudge your crystals, burn during devotion or ceremony



Reiki is an energy technique for stress reduction and deep relaxation. It is done through touch and unseen energy flow. Reiki provides cleansing and healing of the aura, chakra alignment and promotes physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual healing. . . . . . 

Brandi H.

Business Owner & Dope Humanitarian

" Denise is someone who generates this amazing energy that immediately allows you to know she cares and she is a safe person to trust with anything.  I wasn't sure I was a true believer until after my first session.  I don't think there are any words to describe the time I've had with Denise except magical.

Lavonda R.

Business Owner & Badass Manifestor

" I experienced an emotional release I didn’t know I needed. I never realized how much grief, loss and transition I’d hadn't dealt with until my session. I also feel a connection to my ancestors. I have an increased sense of awareness/mindfulness.

Gina M,

Corporate Leader & Pure Magic

" I greatly appreciate the personalized approach the Haven offers. The Reiki sessions and crystals have had a positive impact on both my personal and professional life. I have been able to heal, grow and develop in ways I never thought possible. 

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