A Luminary Session is a high vibrational, enlightening and luminous experience guided by your desire for clarity, healing and solutions.  If you are seeking guidance or insight, from a trusted resource, on your spiritual journey to wholeness and path to living your best most authentic life, then a Luminary Session with Denise is aligned for you.

Denise will connect with your energy through meditation and conduct an Oracle Card Reading prior to your call. During the session, you will engage in an organic conversation with Denise, where you may answer a few additional questions, receive intuitive counsel based on your reading and discussion at that time. Throughout the call, you will be given actionable steps and practical strategies to implement in your life immediately.


Because Luminary Sessions are spiritually charged, the exchange will activate your Higher Self connection and you will receive your own epiphanies, ah-ha's and/or integrated thought processes. 

It is very important to have a clear intention when booking your Luminary Session and to enter the call with an open mind and heart space - ready to engage, receive and take action. Although your session will be recorded, please have a journal/paper and pen handy to take notes. 

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