Luminary Sessions are a high vibrational, enlightening and luminous experience guided by your desire and need for support, clarity, solutions and self-healing.  If you are seeking guidance from a divinely assigned & trusted intuitive, then a Luminary Session with Denise is aligned for you.

At the time of your call, you will enjoy an engaging and organic conversation with Denise. Throughout the call you will receive practical strategies to easily implement into your life immediately after the session. 


Because Luminary Sessions are spiritually charged, the exchange will activate your higher-self knowledge and connection which may bring forth a variety of your own personal epiphanies, ah-ha's and/or integrated thought processes. Denise highly encourages this beautiful exchange of dialogue

Here are a couple reasons why you would book a luminary session (just to name a few):

 - to manage your energy states, emotions, thoughts or behaviors with self, with your family, friends, colleagues or clients.

 - to Understand the current energy of a specific situation or relationship and how to navigate and call in a positive shift or result. 

 - to deepen your spiritual connection with your higher self and intuitive abilities.

 - to cultivate an energetic shift from stress, overwhelm, exhaustion or anxiety to inner peace and calm.

It is very important to have clear intent when booking your Luminary Session and to enter the call with an open mind and heart space - ready to engage and receive the beautiful messages awaiting for you.


Luminary sessions are 1 hour, held virtually and are recorded for later reflections. 

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