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Luminous Soul Mastery

Luminous Soul Mastery is for Seekers who desire.....

  • To identify, accept and release self-sabotage and repeating toxic cycles

  • To gain clarity of the soul,  life decisions, behaviors & how to manifest heart desires in the physical

  • To uncover & awaken buried parts of self & welcome light, love and healing

  • Increased happiness & peace within self 

  • Enhanced spiritual and self-care practices 

  • To cultivate better personal and working relationships

  • Increased self-confidence, esteem, worth and personal power

  • To heal negative wounds from the past and present

  • To let go of fear, guilt, shame, grief, lies and attachments 

  • To strengthen intuition, communication and spiritual connection 

  • To feel mentally and emotionally grounded and stable even when triggered

“I'm happier because I feel so much more free! I loved talking to Denise every week and doing the soul work. I felt like I allowed myself time to unravel my thoughts and talk thru my week and that gave me peace and joy.  It was difficult at times but so rewarding. This is the most consistent time I've spent focusing on myself with real intention and guidance. Spending this time has made me see that I'm worth the effort and that makes me happy. I'm making myself happy from the inside.”

Luminous Soul Mastery was created.....

  • To hold space for you during the healing process

  • To hold you accountable to your personal promise to learn, heal and grow

  • To illuminate your spiritual path toward self-discovery, healing and transformation

  • To take something that feels monumental and unconquerable, turning it into consumable portions

  • To collect scattered information, thoughts, feelings, actions and transform into a cohesive perspective and approach for aligned manifestations

  • To create a platform where it is easy to take action, in a concrete and organized form

  • To create an intense engagement with self in such a way the answers within are activated 

  • To keep it real, fun, honest and connected -  heart to heart.

“Denise’s coaching style is very nurturing, encouraging, honest, easy, fun, focused and intentional. She knew how to get to what I was trying to express, which is sometimes difficult for me. There was always a lightness and positive energy when we met. Always smiling and setting the tone for a positive outcome. I loved feeling like she cared and I loved that she remembered when we talked about something previously, even if it was something minor. She made me feel valuable and important.”

Luminous Soul Mastery is tailored......

  • To provide an organic and customize coaching approach specific to your individual soul evolution and desires

  • To stir your soul through thought provoking and self-explorative assignments

  • To challenge a deep dive, shedding light on the darkness

  • To provide intuitive, judgement-free, honest, compassionate and nurturing guidance

  • To help you feel safe, secure and grounded

  • To harmonize your mind, body and spirit

“I am happier because I feel more connected to myself and more in-tune with my feelings. I also am more comfortable with who I am and how I show up in the world. I am growing to be more confident in that person, and continuously showing up as her.”

Are you interested in becoming a

Luminous Soul Client?

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