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Request a Customize Crystal Bundle

Curating an intentional crystal bundle specific to your needs is one of my favorite crystal services to offer at Positive Life Haven. Working one on one eliminates the guesswork -  saving you hours of time and research, provides devoted expert advice and guidance - that’s easy to consume, and guarantees high quality products - of the Highest Good.


Our partnership begins with a preliminary questionnaire that’ll lay the foundation to a 30 minute phone or virtual consultation. During this session, we’ll dive deep to uncover the energies you’re looking to heal, sustain and/or cultivate in your life - whether mentally, physically, emotionally and/or spiritually. Your intention is key and ensures the perfect crystals are selected for you.


Custom crystal bundles include three to six polished stones, an organza and burlap satchel, a personalized affirmation card, a detailed summary of healing attributes - specific to your intentions, a Crystal Care outline and an invitation with discount code to The Crystal Clear Experience!

Life Event Crystal Bundles can also be curated and include all of the above, however are more elaborate in nature.  

Schedule your custom crystal bundle today!

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