Anxiety Healing Trio

Anxiety Healing Trio


Overcome judgment; calm and quiet the mind; invoke tolerance of others; remove extraneous thought; reduce stress and soothe fears; decrease feeling of overwhelm.



Alleviate worry; impart self-control; keep own counsel; balance yin and yang; promote vigor, steadfastness and stamina; increase ease and comfort of surroundings.


Blue Lace Agate

Peace of mind; release rejection; nurturing and supportive; dissolve old thought patterns; free expression of thoughts and feelings. 


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  • Additional Information:

    • All-natural, polished stones.
    • Does not include any dyed or artificial colors.
    • Vary in size from approx. 1/2" - 3/4".
    • One (1) Blue Lace Agate, (1) Aquamarine and (1) Onyx

    Please note: All stones are naturally created by Mother Earth and will differ in size and color from those pictured due to their unique qualities.

    Your stones will arrive lovingly parceled in an organza drawstring satchel, accompanied with an energy attribute card. You can be confident in your purchase and know your crystal has been nurtured and cared for.

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