Black Lives Matter Protection Bundle

HEM India Incense

Sandalwood - protective and promotes spiritual awareness 

Frankincense & Myrrh - releases powerful vibrations which not only uplifts, but also drives out all evil and negativity. Creates peace, involkes healing and highly protective

Protection - special blend from select woods, resins, florals and fine essential oils for a soft aromatic experience


Flower of Life Incense Holder

Sacred geometry; unity of everything; most powerful pattern of creation; stimulates order, harmony & vitality; seeds of connection to the Divine



White - peace & healing

Black - safety, protection, banishing and repelling negativity and evil


Protection Trio

Smokey Quartz - grounding & anchoring; neutralize negative vibrations; dissolve contradictions; alleviate communication difficulties

Black Tourmaline - balance yin & yang; remove blockages; protect against psychic and energetic attack; cleanse, purify & transform dense energy; disperse tension & stress

Grey Cats Eye - protect from evil eye; dispel negative energy from aura; see both sides of any problem; protect from mishaps & accidents; increase perception of others intent; transform negative thoughts

  • Additional Information:


    We strive to offer genuine hand crafted Indian Incense in a variety of fragrances which blend with every culture and tradition. Our incense are made from select woods, resins, florals and fine essential oils and are blended skillfully with expert care and love. Most importantly the incense we offer are hand made according to ancient traditions. 20 sticks per box. Burn time is approx 30 minutes. 


    • All-natural, polished stones.
    • Does not include any dyed or artificial colors.
    • Vary in size from approx. 1/2" - 3/4".
    • One (1) Smokey Quartz, (1) Black Tourmaline and (1) Grey Cats Eye

    All stones are naturally created by Mother Earth and will differ in size and color from those pictured due to their unique qualities. Your stones will arrive lovingly parceled in an organza drawstring satchel, accompanied with an energy attribute card.

  • Intention is key!

    This bundle was created for the intended purpose of cultivating the energy of Divine protection of the black community. Use your intuition and follow where you are led.

    Here are some ideas:

    Burn incense (one or multiple scents at once) with the intent of sending love, healing and protection to the black women and men globally. 

    Intuitively burn white and/or black candle during prayer and/or meditation or as your morning/evening ritual of intent for peace, love, unity and healing for the black community. 

    Hold, wear or display crystals with the intent of projecting divine protection and healing globally and within your own family and friends of color. 

    Create a sacred space that encompasses all of the above. 

    One or more aspects of this bundle can be used during prayer, meditation, journaling, creative ventures, protest, group discussions, etc - that are aligned for the Black Lives Matter cause. 

  • Donation

    10% of proceeds will be donated to the Black Lives Matter cause. 

  • Crystal Clear Guidebook

    New to the world of crystal energy healing? Be sure to a copy of the Crystal Clear Guidebook - a self-study guide to the who, what, when, where and how of crystals.


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