7 Healing Stones Everyone Should Have Bundle w/Guidebook

7 Healing Stones Everyone Should Have Bundle w/Guidebook

The 7 Essential Crystal Bundle is great for empaths, intuitives, teenagers, students, essential workers and beginners who are new to healing stones. 


Healing stones absorb, transmute and emit energy. If your intent is to protect your energy, manage thought patterns and emotions or to manifest your heart's desires, healing stones are a great addition to your self care satchel or toolbox.


This lovely bundle consists of 7 healing stones EVERYONE should have. Each stone is accompanied by an energy attribute card. This set also includes is 1 organza AND 1 burlap drawstring satchel for storage and a Crystal Care quick reference card. 


The 7 healing stones in this bundle:

1 Clear Quartz - Harmonizes & promotes healing of all energy centers, increases spiritual perceptiveness

1 Amethyst - Meditation, reduction of anxiety, stress, promotes rest

1 Sodalite - Assists with verbalizing feelings, enhances communication

1 Great Aventurine - Calms emotions, soothing, comforting, heals the heart space

1 Citrine - Happiness, positivity, boost and recharge

1 Carnelian - Emotional stabilizer, spark creativity

1 Red Tigers Eye - Grounding, balancing, centers energy


1 small sage stick. 


The Crystal Clear Guidebook is a lovely BONUS to this set and will teach you:

  • How crystal energy works.
  • How to care for your crystals including the proper way to clear, charge, attune, program and how often.
  • How to use your crystals with intention.
  • How crystals are formed, their shapes and facts versus myths.
  • Four hands on exercises working with your crystals