Femme Bundle - Erykah Badu VS Jill Scott

This bundle is inspired by the upcoming faceoff between THE Erykah Badu and THE Jill Scott on May 9th at 7:00 PM EST. Cultivate an aligned vibe within your sacred space for this iconic event all while setting the intention of tapping into your Divine Feminine essence - as these two women fearlessly exude in their own right! 


This bundle will offer the following support:

  • Balance feminine & masculine

  • Promote optimism & well being

  • Enhance intuition

  • Soothes emotional triggers

  • Assist with manifestation

  • Adapt to cycle of change

  • Acceptance of spiritual gifts

  • Welcome receptivity

  • Creative spark

  • Heightened sensuality

  • Greater self-compassion & love

  • Please Note:

    Bundle comes with the following:

    Incense: Moon, Goddess, Rose - 20 sticks per box

    Crystal Trio (1 stone of each): Ametrine, Moonstone, Amazonite

    1 Chakra Candle: Intuitively selected just for you!

    If you are new to crystals or need a refresher use promo code FEMME to purchase The Crysal Clear Guidebook half off. The Crystal Clear Guidebook is a self-study that guides you through the who, what, when, where and how of crystal energy healing including helpful exercises.

    Purchase this limited-time bundle by Wednesday 05/06/2020 12:00 PM EST in order to receive by Saturday. Please note I will do my due diligence to mail your order timely so it is received in time for the event, however I am not responsible for any delay on the postal service end. This purchase is nonrefundable. No returns.


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