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Sage Smudge Sticks

Sage Smudge Sticks

California White Sage (Salvia apiana) is a very sacred and powerful plant. It has been used since ancient times by the Native Americans, shamans, medicine men, and healers.


Today it is the most popular herb used for smudging, a practice used to purify, clear, calm and neutralize chaotic, negative or unwanted energies. 


Smudging is a powerful clearing and cleansing technique for your body, crystals and home. Smuding is wonderful for cleansing new items entering your home, or after visitors exit. 


Feel free to smudge as often as you like. As you clear out a space, be sure to set an intention of what energies you want to bring in (ex. positivity, happiness, love, organization, peace, etc.). We recommend burning an aligned incense to the intention you want to set forth.


We strive to obtain our California White Sage using sustainable and legal havesting methods.


Your purchase includes 1 sage smude stick.

  • Additional Details:

    • California White Sage
    • All-natural and handtied; string color may vary. 
    • Freshly harvested with an earthy, herbaceous scent that will delight.
    • One (1) Sage Smudge Stick.
    • Vary in size from approx: Large 8-9", Medium 5-6', Small 3 1/2 - 4' inches. 

    Your sage stick will arrive lovingly parceled along with an attribute card detailing proper use and care. 

    Please note: This is a natural herb created by Mother Earth and will differ from those pictured due to their unique qualities. There may be slight variability in the sizing, shape and color.


    Use responsibly, never leave a burning smudge stick unattended. Children and pets should be supervised when using. We are not responsible for negligence or misuse. 

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