Sleep & Relaxation Bundle

Give yourself or someone special the gift of peaceful sleep.  This intentionally curated set of rough & tumbled stones will relieve insomnia, exhaustion and harmonize the mind, body and spirit. 


Simply place under pillow or on nightstand and awake feeling refreshed and rested. Bundle comes nestled in a beautiful burlap drawstring satchel for sleeping comfort.


You'll receive one (1) Selenite Heart, (1) White Howlite, (1) Sodalite, (1) Lepidolite, (1) Amethyst Point, (1) Chestnut Jasper, (1) Hematite. A total of 7 mixed rough and tumbled stones.


A vibrant energy attribute card will also accompany your purchase.


Selenite Heart

Selenite instills calm and deep peace; energetically creates a safe and quiet space creating a protective barrier from outside influences. Please note: this stone dissolves when wet. 


Origin: Morocco


White Howlite

Howlite is a great antidote to insomnia; brings calm to an overactive mind allowing mental stillness and is extremely relaxing to the body. 


Origin: Africa



Lepidolite reduces stress, halts obsessive thoughts and filters out distractions. This stone relieves exhaustion and soothes sleep disturbances.


Origin: Brazil


Amethyst Point

Amethyst exudes the energy of serenity, calm and tranquility; decreases the feeling of being scattered and calms an overactive mind; releases tension, eases headaches and protects against nightmares. 


Origin: Brazil



Sodalite calms the mind, bringing emotional balance and combats insomnia; deepens meditation. 


Origin: Brazil


Chestnut Jasper

Red Jasper provides nurturing energy and grounds the body; dissolve worries keeping you up at night; helps with recalling dreams upon waking. 


Origin: Madagascar



Hematite treats insomnia, harmonizes mind, body and spirit; grounds the body and restores peace. 


Origin: Brazil

  • Additional Details:

    • Stones are Reiki infused 
    • Mined in Morocco, Madagascar, Brazil & Africa
    • All-natural, rough and tumbled stones.
    • Does not include any dyed or artificially colors.
    • Vary in size from approx. 1/2" - 3/4". 
    • Please note: All stones are naturally created by Mother Earth and will differ from those pictured due to their unique qualities.


    You can be confident in your purchase and know your crystal has been nurtured and cared for.


    Disclaimer: Crystal energy healing is a simple and gentle holistic alternative. We do not diagnose conditions, prescribe substances, nor interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional. It is recommended to see a licensed physician or licensed health care professional for any physical or psychological aliment(s). Crystal energy healing can complement any medical or psychological care received. 


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