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THE DESTROYING PART OF A BOMB IS THEY WON’T ALLY TOGETHER TONIGHT BUT AFTERWARDS IF IT DID YOU’LL SEE ACTORS WALKING THE STREET IN THE KINDA OF A COVENANT BEING ARRAYED AND YOU’LL BE ABLE TO SEE ALL ACTORS GETTING TOGETHER AND IT’S A SCENE THAT WILL TAKE PLACE TONIGHT SO BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR THAT ONE DISCUSSION ========== Thus, the prediction that city will be destroyed by an act of God (a catastrophic natural event) occurs on three occasions. Additionally, the scenario of a supernatural group who will destroy city is set in three different locations. The scriptural accounts of these three events follow a common script. First, an angel appears to a certain character; and then in subsequent conversations, the character is told how to interpret the portents and what will come to pass. The characters in these accounts are presented as intelligent (i.e., they understand what the angel is saying to them and can make a judgment about what will come to pass). The angel's actions in this scripture -- as in all instances where there is an angel's voice accompanied by a vision -- presents the divine messenger as "superhuman." That is, the angel not only lacks the inborn knowledge and capacity to rationalize his actions but also his actions defy the natural order. For example, the angel in Revelation 12 directed John, the apostle, to eat the scroll, the ultimate action of a supernatural being. Yet, the angel did not offer to personally prepare John for this action (since he, like the other angels, was prohibited from physical contact with people) and John is instructed to eat the scroll because of what it says. The angel (like God) therefore operates outside of the natural order of life. John's location was critical, for in the end, "when [he] saw that the Lamb opened the first seal, the Spirit of the Lamb caught [his] eyes" (Rev. 4:2). The angel's words and actions in Revelation 12 have a dramatic and almost biblical quality to them. That is, the words and actions fit the language and style of the Bible and these characteristics lead readers to associate the events with an authentic biblical narrative. In fact, the narrator indicates that the events in Revelation 12:1-6 are "normative events that occur on a




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Gta Vice City Nipi Mod Tuning Setup geosala

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