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Full Moon & Chill?

Full moon & chill, anyone?

Your crystals are definitely screaming “hecky YEAH?!?!?” or if your crystals are anything like mine, their energy is more like “YAASSSSSSSSSS!” Lol!

So what do I mean by full moon and chill? ((raised eyebrow))

Well, this Wednesday (September 6th) we will naturally be basking under a beautiful full moon which is prime time to energetically clear and charge your crystals. Oh la la!

This is important because…

As you use your crystals for healing & emotional support, manifestation, protection and/or meditation (just to name a few), they are absorbing your thoughts, negative energy, emotions, and information, causing them to lose their high vibration and become depleted.

I’m sure you can also relate to a time when you were overworked, just plain ole tired and worn out. You may have taken a hot bath or shower, retired to bed early for a good night's rest or even more extreme - - hopped on the first flight outta here to the nearest beach oasis! Helloooo, my fellow jetsetter, how YOU doin’???

My point is your crystals are alive and precious and it is important to revitalize their energy just as you would your own.

Now the good stuff.....

Here are a couple tidbits before we pull off THE most epic full moon and chill:

  • Full moon and chill is safe for all crystal types.

  • Take note if it’s going to rain because some crystals shouldn't get wet (ex. selenite).

  • Good news: If you already have the Positive LIfe Haven’s Beginners Bundle your tumbled stones are safe!

  • The full moon energy is the strongest 3 days before, the day of the full moon, and 3 days after.

  • One night under the moonlight should be sufficient, but always follow your intuition.

  • If you can’t get your crystals outside or within direct light of the full moon, DON'T FRET - the energy is ALL around. Simply place on any window ledge you can get your crystals on.

Shine through Full Moon! Yaassss!

Here’s the plan: