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Crystals: What are they & how do they work?


Crystals are nothing new under the sun.

In fact, the use of crystals date back millennia by our ancestors and in a variety of cultures to heal, bring balance and protection. You can say that crystal energy healing is making a come-back as more people seek natural and holistic alternatives to support healing - mentally, emotionally and physically.

So what’s the real 411 on crystals?

What are crystals?

Crystals are formed within the Earth’s core (some over 4 billion years ago) in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and textures. You may also hear them referred to as: crystals, stones, gems, gemstones or precious stones.

Crystals absorb, release and magnify energy that balance emotions, support healing and transformation through positive mindset and manifestation.

For example, when we eat food - we absorb the nutrients, release what we don’t need and obtain the energy we need to support our everyday activities. Although crystals are not typically digested*, they work in this same manner energetically.

((*Side note: advanced crystal lovers may have experience with creating gem elixirs and tonics. My focus is teaching the newbies - keep in mind there’s levels to this!!))

So, how do they work?

Here's a simple analogy: think about that one person in your life when you’re in their presence you feel an overall sense of positive feeling, thought or emotion. You may have been feeling unmotivated, sad, or feeling blah prior to seeing them and after your interaction you felt inspired, happy, or energized. This is because their energy field connected with your energy field stimulating your mind and heart space, shifting your energy.

This is exactly how crystals work!

Each stone vibrates at its own unique and energetic frequency which connects and harmonizes with your own energy field stimulating a positive shift emotionally, physically and spiritually.

For example, one of my many favorite crystals is Citrine.

Citrine brings light, happiness, hope, positivity into one's space. It is the stone of optimism and success. When I have a tough day ahead of me and I know I'll be in the presence of a few "negative Nancy's", I intentionally protect and sustain MY joy by wearing Citrine as a pendant in my necklace or tucked away in my left pocket or holding in my left hand during these interactions and throughout the day.

Since I am naturally happy and positive, the unique energy of the Citrine keeps my energy and emotions in check while blocking any negative shifts from other people, places or situations.

There you have it! Simple, right?

Are you a beginner ready to start your crystal journey? Check out the Haven's Beginners Bundle - The top 8 crystals everyone should have!

Stay positive,


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