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6 Simple Ways to Strengthen Your Connection with Nature & Your Health

Wanna know what’s right around the corner?

The first day of fall.


On September 22nd, we say goodbye to the dog-days of summer and officially welcome fall.

For those who dread leaving summer behind - don’t fret - because fall lends an extended period of time for us to comfortably continue to connect and be one with nature before the bitter cold bites.

Why is it so important to connect with nature?

Well for starters - air, sunlight and water are vital to sustain life. Connecting with nature reeps a variety of health benefits such as mental clarity, enhanced mood and a boost in self-esteem and resilience against stress and adversity.

Here are my 6 favorite ways to strengthen your connection with nature.

Take a walk

Taking a walk in nature, no matter how long or short, is a great way to connect with nature. Practice mindfulness by incorporating your 5 senses during your walk: take notice of the variety of animals you see; feel the wind against your arm; stop to smell the roses; hug a tree; say hello to a stranger. Practice gratitude by using your walk time to reflect on what and who you’re grateful for in your life. Both of these practices require you to leave your cellphone and earbuds at home.

Visit a body of water

This can be a lake, ocean, river, waterfall, pond, stream or pool. The ideal situation is to immerse yourself completely by swimming or floating, however you can simply put your feet in the water, sit and meditate or journal nearby, play in the sand, skip rocks, etc. Do whatever is comfortable for you and does not pose any hazard to your health or others.

Listen to nature

Some days I like to sit either on my front porch or back patio and listen to nature. I start off with closing my eyes and doing 4 sets of deep breathing. I then tune into nature and listen. It’s so relaxing to hear the different songs of the birds, crickets, frogs and buzzing of the bumble bees. I take notice to other sounds such as the neighbors dog or planes flying overhead. I sit on my porch when it’s raining and do the same. Such a tranquil moment - listening and sometimes feeling raindrops on my skin.