Aura Cleansing Shower

Each moment of the day we encounter a variety of energies of people, places and things. These encounters shifts our energy, thoughts and feelings - whether in a positive or negative way.

All living things have an aura. An aura is the magnetic energy field that can be sensed, felt, or even seen around the physical body. We’ve all been an a situation where someone has invaded our “personal space” and we react by stepping back or can simply tell when someone is unhappy, angered or calm and peaceful without them even saying a word. Our aura’s extend 3 feet or more and is in constant mingling of other aura’s and environments throughout the day.

An aura shower cleanse is ideal for grounding, restoring energetic harmony and washing away attachments or anything that does not serve you physically, emotionally or spiritually. You’ll step out the shower feeling lighter, refreshed and energized. It's a very intimate time and great addition to any self-care, mindfulness or visual meditation routine.

This ritual is a two-part process and includes dry brushing your skin before you step into the shower. Feel free to do both or just one as time permits and you can incorporate in your bathing routine anytime or as frequently as you choose. Remember, you can add or shrink any part of the ritual to fit your schedule.

Aura Cleansing Ritual

Part 1 - Dry Brushing

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Benefits of dry brushing:

  • Removes the top layer of dead skin cells with build-up dirt and acid

  • Stimulates circulation of blood feeding the skin

  • Cleanses skin without removing the protective mantle of acid and oils

How to dry brush:

  • Brush body in a circular motion starting at top of toes/feet upwards toward heart, including arms and shoulders.

  • Be mindful of sensitive areas such as breasts, face, inner arms, etc.

  • As you slowly work your way up, express gratitude for each part of your body you're brushing - "I am thankful for my toes, feet, ankle, calf, knee, thigh and so forth."

  • If time permits add "why" your thankful for each part of your body.

Part 2 - Cleansing Shower

  • As you step into shower, tell yourself as you cleanse your physical body, you are also cleansing every layer of your aura.

  • Step into shower, close your eyes and stand under water, allowing the water to penetrate your crown (top of head) or third eye chakra (area between your eyes) and flow down/off your body like a waterfall. Visualize the waterfall.

  • Take four deep breaths in and out, holding for 3 to 4 seconds as you inhale and exhale and envision a bright white or gold light embody your whole body and aura.

  • As the light encompasses your body, see the old energy, illness, negativity, burdens, fears, etc - be washed away, down the drain.

  • Give thanks for the cleansing and healing and state at least three intentions you want to exude or manifest - such as love, peace, forgiveness, vitality, etc.

  • Proceed with following your normal bathing routine, however as you wash each part of your body - express love. For example, "I love my toes because.... I love my feet because......I love my calf because...."

  • As you conduct your final rinse, set your intention for the rest of the day or night. Give final thanks and appreciation.

If you're headed out for the day, you can be intentional with protecting your aura by pulling it in closer to your physical body. You do this by stretching your arms and hands out - grab and pull your aura in. Start at your feet and work your way up to the top of your head. It's okay if you don't see or feel your aura - it's there and your intention is valid.

Happy cleansing!

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Live life abundantly,


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