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Emotional Triggers: How to Connect to your Inner Being for Answers

I connect with women and men daily who are acknowledging that the emotional roller coaster sparked by neglected triggers is no longer serving them.

They are inclined to address what they're feeling and WHY. They understand it starts with going within to ask themselves: "what IS indeed going on and what is it I need to do to heal?" They want to change the narrative to how they react to certain triggers.

Below is a ritual I share with my clients who are ready to connect to their inner being for answers. I say it is a ritual because doing this work is not a one-and-done. This is a process you'll revisit many times as you continue to peel back the layers of your emotional triggers.

The key to this ritual is:

- To be patient with yourself

- To flow from your heart-space, not your mind-space

- To listen and not overthink or judge what comes up

- To BREATHE throughout the process

- To honor emotions that arise; don't continue to repress

- To commit to taking action on what your inner being says it needs

- To seek outside support through a trusted friend or licensed therapist. You don't have to do it alone!

Connect with your Inner Being for answers:

1. Grab a journal or paper, pen and comforting object (such as your favorite blanket, pillow, teddy bear, etc) and find a quiet and comfortable place where you can be alone for 15-30 minutes (or more).

2. Once in a comfortable spot and snuggled up with comforting object, observe or ask your inner being what triggered emotions are you having and write what comes to mind at the top of the paper/page. Do not overthink or judge.

3. After you list triggered emotions, now ask your inner being “why am I experiencing these emotions?” and write what comes to mind. Do not overthink or judge.

4. Set journal aside and now BREATHE. In through your nose on a slow 4 count, hold for another 4 count and then slowly exhale on a 4 count. Do this at least 4 times. Observe any sensations felt during your breath work.

5. With journal and pen back in hand, ask your inner being the following questions on at time, being patient and listening for an answer to each one:

What do I truly need or desire at this moment? What life experience is yearning healing? What can I do to shift my energy to a more satisfied emotional state?

*Note: Your inner being may respond by way of a subtle thought, a quiet internal voice, a vision, or a bodily reaction or sensation such as love, peace, laughter, etc.

6. After journaling responses, BREATHE. In through your nose on a slow 4 count, hold for 4 count and then slowly exhale on a 4 count. Do this at least 4 times. How do you feel: worst, same, better, indifferent? Note your feelings. What action do you need to take if any? How will you honor your inner beings request for healing?

Be committed to following through on the process. This is how you'll strengthen your inner being's voice to be heard more clearly and timely each time you practice this ritual.

"The true evolution takes place within." ~Unknown

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